Omar Msaddi

About me

Omar Msaddi:
A Luminary in Tech and
Agile Consulting

Born on April 18, 1983, in the historical city of Tripoli, Lebanon, Omar Msaddi was destined to cross continents and cultures. Gifted with an inherent spirit of adaptability and a thirst for knowledge, he grew up between the enchanting landscapes of Lebanon and the pulsating metropolis of Montreal, Canada.

His multicultural
upbringing presented him with a myriad of experiences,

lessons, and wisdom that would later form the foundation of his entrepreneurial journey. Omar’s extraordinary tale is one of resilience, passion, and the pursuit of excellence. It’s the story of a boy who journeyed across the world to realize his dreams and emerged as a stalwart in the realm of Agile consulting and technology.

Omar discovered his affinity for the intricate world of computer science during his tenure at Concordia University in Montreal. From 2005 to 2008, he immersed himself in the digital realm, honing his skills and forging a path that would lead him to the forefront of the tech industry. Graduating as a Bachelor of Science, in Computer Science, he launched his career as a backend PHP developer, an auspicious start for the nascent technopreneur.

The ensuing years saw Omar ascending through the ranks, consistently stepping up to take on greater responsibilities. He transitioned from being a team lead to a Scrum Master in 2013, a testament to his leadership prowess and commitment to personal growth. This pivotal transition opened up a new chapter in his career – one that cemented his status as a trusted expert in Agile methodologies.

In 2018, Omar took another monumental leap by embracing the role of an Agile coach and Release Train Engineer (RTE). With several professional certifications under his belt, including PSM 1, Scaled Agilist, RTE, and SPC, he began a new journey in the vast domain of Agile consulting. His reputation quickly spread through the corporate landscape, and he soon found himself advising leading firms like Staples, Ville de Montreal, Elekta Ltd, Desjardins, Beneva, CGI, and Hydro Quebec.
Simultaneously, Omar poured his knowledge and expertise into nurturing the next generation of Scrum Masters. He developed a seven-step program that has since helped hundreds of newly certified Scrum Masters around the globe secure their first jobs within weeks.

However, Omar’s ambitions were not confined to the digital realm. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish two thriving companies: Tripnologies Inc., a trailblazer in web development, and Stratejia Group Inc., a highly sought-after Agile consulting firm.

Omar’s extraordinary journey is not just about his accomplishments but also about the man behind them. He is a devoted husband, a loving father, and the eldest sibling of three brothers and a sister. His entrepreneurial vigor is matched only by his dedication to his family and his relentless pursuit of helping others achieve their professional aspirations.
From the vibrant cityscape of Montreal to the ancient lanes of Tripoli, Omar Msaddi’s life is a testament to the power of perseverance, passion, and the courage to follow one’s dreams. His story is one that continues to inspire countless aspiring technologists and entrepreneurs across the globe.