Helping Inexperienced Certified
Scrum masters

Secure your First 6-figure Scrum Master Job

Helping Inexperienced Certified Scrum masters

Secure their First 6-figure Scrum Master Job

Keep Reading if you are struggling with

Have the proper knowledge

You are not confident that you are able to lead a scrum team

Practical Experience

You do not have Scrum Master experience


Your resume is not reflecting your ability to lead a scrum team


You are not ready to do interviews or just not getting any!

How do we do that?
And what is the program all about?

I will work with you on 2 Objectives and 5 crucial points


I want you to become a very strong scrum master because, at the end of the day, you will lead a scrum team right? For this, you will get access to my membership site where you will find video coaching sessions, articles, interview questions and answers, real-life scenarios that happen with scrum masters, and tutorials on how to use Jira for example, how to calculate velocity and so on. You will not find any nice-to-know articles, but only lessons that are essential for you to know to be able to lead a scrum team.



After you went over all the materials, this is when you come to me to work on objective number 2. Which is 1on1 interview simulations. I will interview you and ask you interview questions as if I am doing real ones. I have interviewed a lot of scrum masters in my career so I know what kind of interviews you will have. After each interview, I will give you my comments,



I will build for you a professional scrum master resume. Not any general type of resume, but a resume that I would love to look at.


I will fix your LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn is so powerful, we will make it so that your profile will attract headhunters, connect with recruiters, and have the proper keywords to make it easy for talent acquisitions to find you.

Years of Experience:

I am going to put my company name in your resume with years of experience. Why we can do that, is because the material that we are providing you have more than 5 years of experience in it, and when you do those interview simulations you will look like someone with a lot of experience.


Every company that actually interviewed you and they want to move forward with you, will all ask you for references, you can use my name as your agile coach as a reference, and they will all call me and ask me about you even before you get any contract to sign.


Recommendation letters::

I will send recommendation letters to every company to which you submitted your resume. This will not do any magic but it will put your resume on top of the pile.


Group Q&A Coaching

Join my Scrum program and experience a life-changing transformation. Countless clients have reaped the benefits, witnessing remarkable improvements in productivity, collaboration, and project success. By embracing Scrum, you’ll unlock a world of possibilities, gaining the skills to navigate complex projects with ease. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your professional career. Join us today and discover the power of Scrum firsthand.

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